I have a therapist. Her name is music.

I started seeing Music at a very young age. My parents introduced me to her & at the time I didn’t realize how much I would need her later on in life. When I was young she encouraged me to have fun, to bring my boom box out to the front lawn & dance for all of the cars that would pass by. She taught me how to sing the words out for anyone & everyone even if they didn’t feel like listening.

But then I grew up.

Life started to get harder & I had to start seeing Music more frequently. I would confide in her about the bullying & about all of the harmful things that people would say to me. She’s always had this way of telling me what makes me beautiful & reminding me that there’s a hope that’s waiting for me in the dark. Then there was the boy, oh that stupid stupid boy. She was the first person I went to at 2am when I couldn’t sleep & tears were streaming down my face. She embraced me & told me that it was okay to cry, because it mattered.

Now it brings me to today. Music & I still meet daily but usually on much happier terms. We’ve had our fair share of incredible road trips & I’ve met many people who have changed my life thanks to her. She’s helped me discover the person that I am meant to be & has helped me learn to heal over the years. Of course we still have our late 2am meetings sometimes but she always know what to say & they’ve since become fewer & far between. If you ever feel like you need to start seeing her she’s not that far away & she comes highly recommended.

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